Goal 3 - Good Health

The Global Gag Rule Impacts Hard-Fought Progress on HIV/AIDS Relief

When most people hear about the Global Gag Rule – the harmful U.S. policy that withholds funding from any international NGO that provides services for, information about, or references for abortion, even where it is legal, and even with its own private funds – they often think about the devastating impacts it will have on women’s and girls’ access to reproductive health and family planning services. And they should: Because women lost access to contraceptive services and had more unintended pregnancies, research shows the policy increased abortion rates (mostly unsafe abortions) last time it was enacted, while reducing the availability of critical health care services for the world’s most marginalized women and girls. It’s been illegal for U.S. funds to pay for abortion since 1973; so what the Global Gag Rule really does is cut off funding for quality, accessible health care, especially in poverty-stricken areas of the world where it is needed the most.

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