America’s leadership in the global response to the AIDS epidemic has been without parallel in human history, measured not only in dollars but in lives saved. Through PEPFAR – the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief – over the past 15 years, the United States has saved 11 million lives. We are finally getting ahead of this deadly disease, but the progress made may soon start to unravel.

With proposed cuts of over $1 billion to the Global Fund and bilateral HIV/AIDS efforts, including PEPFAR, the Trump administration appears ready to unilaterally trade the iconic red ribbon for a white flag of surrender in the global fight against AIDS.

This ONE Campaign report reveals how cutting U.S.-supported treatment and prevention efforts through PEPFAR and the Global Fund now could squander 15 years’ worth of investment and could trigger a massive resurgence of the global epidemic.

To accelerate the end of AIDS, we call for Congress and the administration to maintain full funding for U.S. bilateral HIV/AIDS programs and honor U.S. commitments to the Global Fund; expand the scope of the current PEPFAR strategy, support the development of epidemic-control strategies in all high-burden countries, and continue to concentrate on preventing HIV in the population most at risk.

America must continue to play its historic leadership role in the global fight against AIDS. Anything less will mean surrendering in the fight.

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