Sick of Waiting, Poor Countries Prepare to Fight Climate Change Alone

With the promised $100 billion a year nowhere in sight, developing nations create climate funds and begin to transition toward green economies, from Climate Home:

Many developing nations have decided to strike out on their own to create national green climate funds that will take the place of the $100 billion promised to them by the Paris Agreement of 2015, reports Mantoe Phakathi for Climate Home. Developed nations, which contribute most of the greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming and climate change, have failed to meet their pledged commitments to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The GCF would allocate funding to developing nations to help them transition to low-carbon economies.

Countries have banded together to create funds that will hopefully be able to stave off the worst of climate change’s effects, at least until the developed countries hold up their end of the bargain. Climate change disproportionately affects the countries that contributed least to greenhouse gas emissions. Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda have created their own green climate funds and have begun to transition their economies away from carbon-based technologies.

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