Mission 2020: A New Global Strategy to ‘Rapidly’ Reduce Carbon Emissions

A new group has introduced six areas of concentration for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to near zero levels, reports Carbon Brief:

A new group, called Mission 2020, has introduced six central pillars for tackling climate change, reports Zeke Hausfather for Carbon Brief. Studies suggest that global greenhouse gas emissions must begin to reduce dramatically before 2020 if the planet is to avoid the worst effects of climate change. In order to do so, Christiana Figueres started Mission 2020 and highlighted six areas of concentration: Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, Industry, Land, and Finance. She outlined the necessary steps for each of the six pillars.

Many scientists have also chimed in with their responses to Mission 2020, and the feedback has been positive. The science supports Figueres’ goals and the urgency with which she presents them. With the G20 conference next week, Figueres hopes that climate change will take a central role and that her climate goals are seen as necessary and as a priority.

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