New Report: How Cities Can Prosper with 100 Percent Clean Energy

A new study outlines the most efficient and cheapest paths toward universal renewable energy in world cities, reports the Environmental Defense Fund:

According to the new report, 100% renewable energy is a feasible goal, but it involves many layers of commitment from cities and residents, reports Jayant Kairam for the Environmental Defense Fund. Because renewable energy sources are unique to each individual city, the Meister Report hopes to make it easier for mayors and city councils to find the right path for their constituents. The report highlights two ways clean energy could become more relevant in American cities: municipalization and community choice aggregation. Both options leave the choice up to the consumers, but municipalization would put the city in charge of the energy supply.

Increasing access to renewable energy is a complex process, and the Meister Report was conducted with hopes of simplifying it. If cities can understand what suits their constituents best, achieving 100% renewable energy will be possible.

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