Climate Change May Lead to 2 Billion Refugees by 2100: Study

Rising sea levels may force as many as 2 billion people out of their homes, creating a refugee crisis over the course of the century, reports The Economic Times:

As sea levels rise, more people are forced out of their coastal homes, and a new study suggests that, by 2100, 2 billion people could become refugees,¬†The Economic Times¬†reports. The world’s population is growing quickly as well, estimated to hit 11 billion people by 2100, 2 billion of whom will be refugees. The world will face a food supply problem even without the expected refugee crisis, which will certainly exacerbate the problems.

There are potential solutions to the climate change refugee crisis, like public land auctions, but greenhouse gas emissions mitigation is the most important. If climate change can be slowed, the number of refugees driven from their homes will be fewer. The study suggests that the Paris Agreement provides a necessary way to limit the number of refugees as well as climate change’s negative effects.

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