In Chile, Many Regard Climate Change As The Greatest External Threat

As their country endures a historic drought, Chileans adapt to a new way of life, one that recognizes climate change as real and dangerous, from NPR:

A major drought has had extreme effects on Chile’s southern region, and many residents are unsure of what to do next, reports Philip Reeves for NPR. Seven years ago, a massive lake south of Chile’s capital, Santiago, began to dry up. The lake, fed by rainwater, is now barely more than a puddle, three feet at its deepest point. The economy of the once lucrative region has also dried up, leaving many people jobless and struggling to make ends meet.

The Chilean government has officially recognized climate change as a serious problem and has instituted policies that reflect their commitment to combating temperature increases. Chile has begun to rely on renewable energy, not fossil fuels, to power its grid and requires schools to teach a course on climate change to children. In a region where climate change is very real, the locals have begun to adapt.

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