OPINION: How President Trump Will Affect Clean Energy and the Climate Change Fight

What will Donald Trump's election mean for the future of climate action and clean energy? Katie Fehrenbacher considers the possibilities for Fortune.

In a stunning victory on November 8, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential elections, and with his win, industries and sectors around the world wonder what the future of clean energy and the fight against climate change will hold, Katie Fehrenbacher reports for Fortune.

Clean energy sectors across the U.S. are likely to continue their momentum, Fehrenbacher explains: “Industries like utility-scale solar and wind, which have been growing dramatically and lowering costs for some time, will likely keep charging ahead under a Trump administration. Those sectors are already competitive on cost and have been creating jobs in states like California, Texas, and Iowa.”

However, Fehrenbacher shares her concern for the future of technologies and sectors that have yet to become established, writing “it’s the future energy innovations and still immature sectors that still need government support that will suffer—whether that’s the budding U.S. offshore wind industry or the budget for new energy research and development.”

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