Fighting Climate Change ‘Means a Global Transformation’: An Interview with Moroccan Environment Minister Hakima El Haite

As Morocco hosts the COP22 climate conference, Environment Minister Hakima El Haite shares her optimism on the political will needed to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement.

Morocco, host of the COP 22 climate negotiations, is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation of its energy systems, switching countrywide to renewable energy. The Gulf Times spoke with Moroccan Minister of Environment Hakima El Haite on the political will needed to realize the commitments of the Paris Agreement, and her confidence in achieving the goals of the historic climate accord.

DPA: What would be the best-case-scenario outcome for this COP22 in Marrakesh?

El Haite: To maintain the trust. This is the best scenario. And the only way to maintain the trust is to fulfil the promises, to fulfil the commitments, to allocate the fund for all the pledges, to make a difference in the lives of all the people who are suffering.

DPA: As you know, the combined pledges submitted by countries do not yet meet the under-2-degree goal. What makes you confident, if you are confident, that the goal will be achieved?

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