Germany’s power sector making serious strides in renewable energy

As Germany generates more electricity from renewable sources, the transportation and heating sectors remain greenhouse gas reliant, reports Ars Technica:

Germany has improved its renewable energy generation capacity by unparalleled levels in the last decade but has struggled to transition other industries like transportation, reports Megan Geuss for Ars Technica. Approximately 35% of Germany’s energy comes from renewable sources (compared to 19% in the U.S.), but emissions from the transportation sector have slowed over the last few years. While Germany has led the charge to transition economies from carbon-based power to renewable energy, they have also committed to phasing out nuclear power by 2022. This added pledge makes the transition to 100% renewable energy more difficult, but cuts down on the risk of nuclear complications. On some days, those that are particularly sunny or windy, Germany can generate 85% of its power from renewable sources.

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