Vertical Ocean Farming Creates Healthy Ecosystems

Gre­en­Wave’s ver­tical ocean farm­ing sys­tems as­sist ocean farm­ers in pro­du­cing healthy and local foods, while cap­tur­ing car­bon and provid­ing a source for bio­fuel.

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Vertical Ocean Farming Creates Healthy Ecosystems

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Gre­en­Wave has cre­ated a sys­tem for ver­tical ocean farm­ing, where sea­weed, scal­lops, and mus­sels grow on float­ing ropes, stacked above oyster and clam cages be­low. The ocean farms are sys­tems of un­der­wa­ter ver­tical gar­dens, able to grow 10 to 30 tons of sea ve­get­ables and 250,000 shell­fish on each acre per year. From these crops, food, fertilizer, animal feed, and sustainable biofuels are produced. Ac­cord­ing to the com­pany, the kelp pro­duced ab­sorbs five times more car­bon than land-based plants, and the crops do not re­quire any fer­til­izers, fresh wa­ter, an­ti­bi­ot­ics, or pesti­cides.

Rather than grow­ing vul­ner­able mono­cul­tures, this approach creates biodiverse ecosystems us­ing the en­tire wa­ter column in pro­duc­tion. With a rep­lic­able model en­abling those with a boat and $20,000 in start-up costs to start their own farm, Gre­en­Wave has partnered with farm­ers to cre­ate a total of eight farms in a two-year period.

Nearly 40% of the world’s oceans are severely af­fected by hu­man activ­it­ies, res­ult­ing in pol­lu­tion, ex­hausted fish­er­ies, and loss of coastal hab­it­ats. De­signed to re­store rather than de­plete ocean eco­sys­tems, Gre­en­Wave’s ocean farms in­crease biod­iversity and res­tor­a­tion in areas where eco­sys­tems are suf­fer­ing, if not com­pletely de­pleted.


Mar­ine spe­cies ab­sorb five times more car­bon than land-based plants and se­quester ex­cess ni­tro­gen.

Gre­en­Wave provides its Farm Star­tup and Ap­pren­tice­ships Pro­grams at no charge to new farm­ers in an ef­fort to help them se­cure jobs in the emer­ging blue-green eco­nomy.

Farm­ers re­ceive guar­an­teed pur­chas­ing of 80% of their crops at triple the mar­ket rate for the first five years, ac­cord­ing to Gre­en­Wave.

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