Dubai Determined to Hit Climate Goal with Emphasis on Pollution and Food Waste

Dubai is taking aggressive action to meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, Naser Al Wasmi reports for The National UAE.

Work is being “aggressively pursued” in the city of Dubai to meet the goal of carbon neutrality of all major cities by 2050, Naser Al Wasmi reports for The National UAE.

At a C40 Cities meeting, secretary general of Dubai Executive Council Abdulla Al Shaibani identified Dubai’s biggest challenges to addressing climate change, including increasing air pollution, desertification from rising temperatures, and destruction of marine habitats from the regional surge in desalination, Al Wasmi reports.

“We have a lot of consumption as a result of habits – I wouldn’t say bad, but habits we have adopted,” said Mr Al Shaibani. “We have to change habits and we have to change culture. We will come up with a plan, with targets. We will end up having a lot of policies and pressure to change the basic habits of every individual.”


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