U.S. Solar Jobs Grew 25 Percent Last Year

Solar jobs in the U.S. grew 25% last year across 44 states, Nicola Groom reports for Reuters.

A report out from the Solar Foundation found that jobs in the solar industry grew 25% in the U.S., Nicola Groom reports for Reuters. The sector advocacy group’s report found solar job growth in 44 of 50 states, including all but one of the states that voted last year to elect Trump, for a total of more than 260,000 workers.

“The Trump administration wants jobs and the Trump administration is going to get jobs with solar,” said the Solar Foundation President Andrea Luecke.

Photo: Brian Lawson and Kenesaw Burwell work on panels that the Energy Department is using to leverage a Power Purchase Agreement with Sun Edison and Xcel Energy. | Photo by Dennis Schroeder/energy.gov

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