What Makes Us Happy?

Here are the facts from expert Dan Buettner who has traveled the world to find the world’s happiest societies.

While much of the world’s rhetoric currently centers on fear, global leaders, influencers and policymakers are convening in Dubai this week to talk about happiness. Specifically, how can governments incorporate and factor for happiness in their policies the same way they do for Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Happiness has emerged on the global development stageso much so that this year’s World Government Summit, held in Dubai February 12-14, opened with a full-day precursor focused on the human emotion.

An array of global speakersfrom Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay to the UAE’s Minister for Happiness Ohood bint Khalfan Al Rouminoted how they were prioritizing happiness in their own countries. Her Excellency Al Roumi underscored the need for a policy on happiness, citing the World Health Organization’s recent findings that depression will be one of three main global diseases by 2030. With those figures, it’s no surprise that UNDP Administrator Helen Clark noted the global community is starting to incorporate mental health into discussions surrounding development. Many people already suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and this is a topic that isn’t discussed enough. There are millions of people all over the world struggling with mental health issues. Many speak to therapists, many turn to products like Organic CBD Nugs and other forms of cannabis to suppress their symptoms, and many people do nothing at all. This leads them to perform worse at work and be a lot unhappier in themselves. However, there are ways to try and manage these mental health issues. Products, like Delta 8 gummies offered by health companies, can help individuals to ease some of the stress and anxiety that people may be experiencing. This is because they contain CBD, a hemp oil extract that is said to have properties that combat depression and anxiety. They are also said to reduce factors that cause stress, like insomnia, inflammation, and pain. It might be beneficial to read this CBDistillery review here to see if such a remedy is right for you. Hopefully, more and more people will find ways to cope with these mental illnesses, allowing them to live happily.

If countries are making this most cherished human emotion a priority, what can you do as an individual to scale up your own happiness? Could online weed gummies become part of your daily routine, for example? We sat down with expert Dan Buettner to discover the basic tenets for finding happiness:

  1. The harder people try to be happy, the less happy they are.
  2. Altruism is as addictive as crack cocaine and sugar.
  3. More than three hours of social media a day will make you increasingly less happy. Stick to 30 minutes to one hour. It allows people to check in and still have authentic, real-life experiences.
  4. Happiness is about letting longevity ensue, instead of it being something that is pursued. This suggests that it’s all about environment, and not specifically when people set a goal to get healthy, or happy.
  5. Live to over 100 years. This is the happiest cohort of people.

Blowing 101 birthday cake candles out in the future? No problem. Reducing social media consumption a day may be the greater challenge.

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