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Trump, Don’t Give up Our Global Influence, Stay Active in the UN

While U.S. funding for the institution is significant, this investment provides the United States with greater influence on matters of security, global health, and protection of human rights.

The White House budget proposal released last week targets massive cuts in funding for the United Nations. This proposed approach to foreign affairs funding would harm U.S. national security interests, run counter to American values, and diminish our global leadership.

At a time of unprecedented global challenges, including terrorism and humanitarian crises, now is no time for America to retreat from the international stage. In fact, it is the moment to rise to the occasion by helping to support a UN fit for today’s challenges.

For over 70 years, the UN has been the leading venue for America’s engagement with the world. The United States helped create the UN after World War II to benefit ourselves and our allies – to expand our influence abroad and achieve critical global security objectives.

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