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New Neighbors: Young Refugees from Across Europe

New Neighbors highlights stories from young refugees across Europe in this new series by VICE and the UN refugee agency UNHCR

A collection of 16 articles that VICE News is publishing simultaneously in 12 languages and 14 European territories, in collaboration with UNHCR. Highlights include How to Be Fashionable on a Budget, All the Gaffes I’ve Made Since Arriving to the UK and A Playlist of the Songs I Listened to While Trying to Get from Syria to Europe.

An introduction.

By Elektra Kotson

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), there are currently 65.3 million people around the world who have been forced from home. Of the nearly 21.3 million who are refugees, over half are under the age 18, and only a small percentage are hosted in Europe.

Meanwhile, global interest in the subject of the European migration crisis has fallen by 65 percent in the last year, as illustrated by Google trends.

Some will put this down to “compassion fatigue” or “bad news burnout” but to me the main problem is the media coverage of the topic. We could record the journeys of all 21.3 million refugees, using the most evocative language and the harshest imagery available but I still doubt enough people would pay attention – at least not enough to make a difference.

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