Will Other States Join California’s International Climate Pact?

States have more power to reduce carbon emissions than you may think, reports The Atlantic.

In the absence of strong federal climate action in the U.S., sub-national actors have been leading the charge to meet the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. At the forefront of this effort is the joint cap-and-trade agreement between California and Quebec, report Alex Green and Robert Jackel of The Atlantic. Their innovative program is made possible through the Western Climate Initiative, Inc. – a private, non-profit corporation that provides administrative support without overstepping constitutional boundaries. It’s the only program in the world in which sub-national governments in different countries operate a carbon market.

More importantly, the Western Climate Initiative, Inc. provides a system that more states and provinces can join – and there is strong incentive to do so. A bigger, linked market increases the diversity of opportunities to reduce emissions and makes the overall system more efficient and more stable.

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