When the Sun Disappears Monday, Your Electricity Won’t

Industry experts agree the grid is ready for the full solar eclipse.

The United States’ electrical grid has changed drastically since the last solar eclipse in 1979. Although many are concerned that states’ greater reliance on solar energy will compromise the grid during the eclipse, grid operators are not too worried. They have been preparing for months.

The path of the total eclipse will span U.S., starting in Oregon and eastward to S.C. and will partially obscure sunlight from about 1,900 utility-scale solar photovoltaic power facilities. Despite this wide reach, an in-depth analysis from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, indicated that the eclipse should have no impact on the reliability of the nation’s power system. Grid operators hope this eclipse will provide critical practice for the next total solar eclipse in 2024, when solar energy capacity will be even more substantial.

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