What You Can Actually Do to Fight Climate Change, According to Science

Collective action can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and this study outlines some of the best practices, from Gizmodo:

A new study suggests ways that people in developed countries can reduce emissions and fight climate change, reports Maddie Stone for Gizmodo. The average American is responsible for approximately 16 tons of carbon dioxide emission every year, and studies show that that number needs to be reduced to 2 tons per year to avoid the worst climate catastrophes. This new study shows ways that individuals can make a difference.

The usual suggestions are of course on the list, things like eating a plant-based diet, living without a car, or avoiding long flights. But there are also some less typical suggestions. For instance, the best way to reduce an individual’s greenhouse gas emissions would be to have fewer children. Studies show that a child is responsible for 60 tons of GHG emissions annually. But the study insists that people shouldn’t have to dramatically change their lives to go green.

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