Watch Live: Climate Action 2016

Watch the Climate Action 2016 Summit live from Washington, DC, May 5-6

We’ve adopted a historic international climate agreement in Paris, and signed it in a record-breaking ceremony in New York, but what’s next? How do we move from intention to implementation, from words to climate action?

The Climate Action 2016 summit, held in Washington, DC, May 5-6, will build upon the momentum we’ve seen over the last nine months in Paris and New York with the adoption and signing of the Paris Agreement, as well as the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. Climate Action 2016 will examine the role every sector – from government, business, finance, philanthropy, civil society, and academia – has to play to make these new goals a reality.

Climate Action 2016 will bring influencers from around the world and from every sector to discuss the actions we must take to implement the Paris Agreement and ensure ambitious climate solutions. Leaders including United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon; COP21 President Ségolène Royal; former U.S. Vice President Al Gore; and Sustainable Energy for All CEO Rachel Kyte will take the stage at Climate Action 2016 to discuss the work we’ve done, and the work we still have to do to achieve our climate goals.

Watch the event live, starting May 5 at 9 am ET:

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