Was the Extreme 2017 Hurricane Season Driven by Climate Change?

Experts agree that global warming already appears to be making hurricanes more intense.

Summer and fall 2017 saw an unprecedented string of record-breaking hurricanes ravage the U.S. Gulf Coast, eastern seaboard, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Hurricane Harvey brought unbelievable floods to Houston. Irma, one of the two strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the northern Atlantic,wreaked havoc on Florida and many Caribbean islands. Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The destruction begs the question: Has climate change influenced these extreme events? Hurricanes can be difficult to decipher, but experts are gaining a sense of what our warming world might mean for monster storms in the U.S. and worldwide.

Scientific American answers this critical question by consulting experts on several key factors: storm surge, intensity, frequency, size and duration, expanding reach.

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