Using Technology to Keep Carbon Emissions in Check

All Tech Considered for NPR showcases innovative technologies that are keeping carbon emissions out of the atmosphere.

The Paris agreement to curb climate change calls for a dramatic shift away from fossil fuels and the greenhouse gasses they emit, especially carbon dioxide.

Switching to renewable energy helps, but that won’t happen fast enough to keep temperatures from rising to dangerous levels. That’s why scientists and researchers all over the world also are working on new ways of keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.

NPR’s Jeff Brady, KQED’s Lauren Sommer, Wyoming Public Radio’s Stephanie Joyce and Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson tracked down a few examples of this in North America.

The Cost Of Carbon In Alberta (From Jeff Brady)

At an industrial site near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Royal Dutch Shell recently hosted a grand opening for its Quest carbon capture and storage project.

It’s part of Shell’s oil sands business. Turning oil sands that are the consistency of sandy Play-Doh into crude oil emits a lot of carbon dioxide. So Shell tries to capture some of that greenhouse gas before it escapes into the air.

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