#Uniting4Climate Global Digital Surge

We're kicking off the next UN Conference on Climate Change further, faster, and together.

Join us Monday, November 6, as we kick-off COP23 with the #Uniting4Climate Global Digital Surge, hosted by Connect4Climate, the United Nations Foundation, and the Fijian COP23 Presidency. To accelerate climate action further, faster, and together, the Surge will showcase how a Grand Coalition of governments at every level, civil society, businesses, universities, and individuals are all “Uniting for Climate Action.”

While national leaders technically “sign” the Paris Agreement on climate change, everyone in the global community plays a critical role in fulfilling its promise for a sustainable, resilient, and thriving planet. The recent string of devastating extreme weather events, amplified by a warming world, are testimony for why we must collectively raise our ambitions to meet this challenge. Through the #Uniting4Climate Global Digital Surge, we will bring audiences together from across the globe to boldly declare support for climate action.


Monday, November 6
See the full schedule of activations and participating organizations here.


Online and wherever you are. Add your voice and share inspiring climate solutions driving action in your country and your community.


As leaders come together for the next UN Conference on Climate Change, COP23, online audiences will unite from Ghana to Copenhagen to Fiji and more with creative activations that amplify the call for bold action on climate. Use the hashtag #Uniting4Climate to join this global conversation.

It’s time to show the world that we are all uniting for climate action!

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