U.S. Cities, States and Businesses Pledge to Measure Emissions

After last weekend's G20 Summit, Americans are committing themselves to the Paris Agreement, joining a new coalition, reports The New York Times:

Almost 2,000 American states, cities, counties, and businesses have joined a new climate coalition, called America’s Pledge, committing themselves to the Paris Agreement, report Hiroko Tabuchi and Lisa Friedman forĀ The New York Times. The coalition, led by California Governor Jerry Brown and New York City’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hopes to reduce emissions 26-28% below 2005 levels.

America’s Pledge faces a tough challenge. Without the federal government, the U.S. will only mitigate emissions in regions that belong to America’s Pledge, leaving other regions to conduct “business as usual.” That would include Texas, where 20% of American energy is produced. Nonetheless, the coalition represents the American commitment to fighting climate change. Those who have joined America’s Pledge recognize the threat of rising temperatures and will do their part to help.

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