Trump Poised to Pull U.S. From Paris Climate Accord

Reports suggest that President Trump will withdraw American commitment to the U.N. Paris Climate Agreement, threatening the global effort to curb climate change.

A Trump administration pull-out from the Paris Climate Accord is expected in coming days, Coral Davenport reports for The New York Times.

As Davenport notes, during his campaign, Mr. Trump promised to pull the U.S. from the agreement, citing his “America First” philosophy. The United States would join Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries not committed to the deal.

Mr. Trump did not make the decision as quickly as was expected, Davenport says – and reports suggest he might change his mind again – but a notable division within his closest circle of advisors prolonged the President’s decision. U.S. withdrawal would weaken, but not dismantle, the rest of the agreement, putting less pressure on emitters to actively pursue their mitigations. With the United States removed from the deal, it becomes far more likely that the world fails to curb emissions before the 2 degree Celsius threshold.

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