Together for Our Ocean: International Coastal Cleanup

The Ocean Conservancy hosts the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day, one step in the journey to clean oceans.

The effects of litter on ocean animals is significant, but international efforts to clean the world’s beaches and oceans have made a significant impact, reports the Ocean Conservancy in their annual report. Over half a million people contributed to International Coastal Cleanup Day in 112 countries, collecting over 18 million pounds of trash. The impact of the cleanup is notable because trash – and plastic especially – have daily impact on wildlife.

But efforts made around the world are making a difference, from the beach cleanup organized by the Ocean Conservancy to banning single-use plastic bags in California. Having clean beaches means having clean oceans, and the Ocean Conservancy is taking steps around the world to lessen humans’ impact on wildlife.

Photo: Trash fills Lanna Bay, off of Thailand’s Phi Phi island | Photo Credit: Fabio Achilli / Flickr

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