The Paper Finding a 97% Expert Consensus on Human-Caused Global Warming Surpasses Half a Million Downloads

Cook et al. (2013) has remained the most-read paper in Environmental Research Letters for most of the past three years, The Guardian reports.

In 2013, a paper was published finding a 97% expert consensus across peer-reviewed research on human-caused global warming. Today, three years later, the paper has been downloaded more than half a million times, The Guardian reports.

To put that in perspective, that’s four times more than the the second-most downloaded paper in the Institute of Physics journals (which includes Environmental Research Letters, where the 97% consensus paper was published).

The 97% study and similar research have been attacked over the last three years, leading the authors to publish a follow-up paper in which the authors of seven previous climate consensus studies collaborated to settle the question.

Their conclusions?

1) Expert consensus on manmade climate change lies somewhere between 90% and 100%, depending on how you measure it, with most of our studies finding 97% consensus among publishing climate scientists.

2) The greater the climate expertise among those surveyed, the higher the consensus.

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