“Shortsighted, Wrong”: Apple, Facebook Among Tech Giants to Reject Paris Pullout

Tech companies band together to support the Paris Agreement and reaffirm their commitment to combatting climate change in the wake of the President’s decision to withdraw.

American tech companies expressed their disappointment in Mr. Trump’s decision on Thursday to withdraw the U.S. its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, reports Lauren Gambino for The Guardian. The same companies spent the last few months trying to convince the Administration to stay in the deal, insisting on the importance of combatting climate change for American industry and jobs.

After the President’s decision was made final, CEOs from many of these companies took to Twitter and press releases to express their displeasure. Even without federal support, many companies reaffirmed their commitment to combatting climate change and confirmed that they would work themselves to reduce emissions and wean their industries from fossil fuel energy.

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