Putting Child Rights at the Heart of Climate Talks

In a new piece, Human Rights Watch reports on the disproportionate impact of climate change on the children of the world.

“Whatever land my father had and the house he had went under the water in the river erosion and that’s why my parents decided to get me married,” Sultana C. who was married at age 14, told Human Rights Watch. Sultana’s family, like so many in Bangladesh, has been pushed further and further into poverty by the devastating impacts of climate change, leaving children like Sultana vulnerable to child marriage.

As leaders of 195 nations meet in Bonn to discuss implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, COP22 host country Morocco held an event Monday to discuss climate change and children’s rights. As Human Rights Watch reports, the event was the first time the Climate Convention Presidency has officially hosted an event on human rights.

Photo: A close-up of a child at the Mobarakpur Community Clinic in Kulaura Upazila, northeastern Bangladesh | Photo Credit: UN Photo/Mark Garten

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