Obama’s New Climate Change Call: Yes We Can

U.S. President Barack Obama urged 1,000 supporters that action on climate change is possible at an energy summit in Las Vegas yesterday.

President Obama used his 2008 presidential campaign slogan, “Yes, we can,” to rally his audience and celebrate the green revolution in Las Vegas on Monday.

“Folks whose interests or ideologies run counter to where we need to go, we’ve got to be able to politely but firmly say we’re moving forward,” the president told 1,000 supporters at the energy summit hosted by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. “It’s a debate between those who say, ‘No we can’t,’ and those who say, ‘Yes we can.'”


It’s a debate between those who say, ‘No we can’t,” and those who say, ‘Yes we can.

Obama’s speech in Las Vegas kicked off a two-week messaging tour on climate change that will take the president from Nevada to New Orleans on Thursday for a Hurricane Katrina commemoration tour to a glacier in north Alaska next week. Obama will use potentially devastating extreme weather events and other impacts of climate change to further support for his past executive actions on climate, including the first-ever greenhouse gas rules for power plants released earlier this month. His global warming messaging sprint will lay the groundwork for the historic international climate change agreement that Obama hopes will result from the COP21 in Paris at the end of the year.

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