Jerry Brown to Announce a Climate Summit Meeting in California

California's governor has begun planning a major climate summit in San Francisco for September 2018, reports the New York Times:

Governor Jerry Brown of California will announce his plans for a major climate summit next fall, hoping to represent people from around the world, reports Lisa Friedman forĀ The New York Times. At the G20 Conference in Hamburg, Germany this week, Governor Brown plans to make his announcement, signalling an important moment in the global fight against climate change. Since President Trump plans to withdraw the U.S. from the landmark Paris Agreement, Brown has taken it upon himself to mobilize Americans – and the world – against climate change.

Mr. Brown hopes to highlight the continued growth of the American economy, even as it decarbonizes. Brown plans to invite people from around the world, from the renewable energy industry, to musicians, to politicians, to entrepreneurs. The summit will send a message to the Trump Administration and the world that the United States is committed to combating climate change.

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