Investors Slowly Start to Push Climate Change up Their Agenda

Shareholders are beginning to pressure companies to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement, reports Reuters.

Following the 2015 Paris climate talks, investors are beginning to pressure companies to reduce their carbon footprints, report Simon Jessop, Gwladys Fouche and Nina Chestney for Reuters.

Progress has been slow since the 2015 Paris Agreement, but energy firms are facing more shareholder demands to step-up their climate change commitments. While many firms have begun sharing more information on their climate strategies, several are facing shareholder rebellions at annual general meetings over their unsatisfactory policies. A new task force, set up by G20 nations, outlines a new framework for companies to disclose the financial impact of climate-related risks and opportunities.

Surveying 13 leading public and corporate pensions schemes around Europe, Asia and North America, Reuters found that three of the thirteen funds were willing to go as far as to divest from firms if talks on their climate strategy were “unsatisfactory.”

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