In the Face of Trump’s Anti-Climate Change Policies, L.A. and Long Beach Push for Greener Ports

Two Southern California mayors agreed to implement policies that will make all machinery and equipment at their ports zero-emissions vehicles, The L.A. Times Editorial Board reports:

Mayors Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and Robert Garcia of Long Beach have announced that they will implement policies that will cut emissions from their cities’ ports, reports The L.A. Times Editorial Board. The ports are the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in Los Angeles and Long Beach, and both cities suffer from intense smog and poor air quality. This decision will make all vehicles and machinery at the ports emission-free by 2035.

The ports run largely on diesel and gas powered equipment, which will be extremely expensive to replace, but the mayors believe it is a necessary step in fighting climate change and protecting the health of Southern Californians. The mayors are also working with other city representatives to help them reduce their ports’ emissions, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help keep L.A. and Long Beach competitive.

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