Food Shortages and Sea Level Rise US Voters’ Top Climate Change Concerns

A Guardian survey of US readers ranked food and water security and sea level rise as the greatest climate change concerns.

A Guardian US survey of its readers  found that food and water security ranks as the most important consequence of climate change, followed by rising sea levels.

In the online poll, part of the Guardian’s Voices of America project,  readers were asked to rank their greatest concerns from climate change. Among the most popular issues were the phasing out of fossil fuel, expansion of renewable energy and the climate impacts on coral and marine life. Deforestation and climate refugees also ranked highly.

The Guardian shared some of its readers’ comments:

“I fear we have already waited too long for significant stopping action, but I’m still hoping for at least a chance for my grandchildren to live.”

“We have to stop pouring gasoline on the fire. If we don’t address the root causes of all this suffering – our wasteful and destructive practices in all these areas – there is no hope for improvement.”

Image: Downtown Miami skyline from The Rusty Pelican. Miami remains among the most vulnerable cities in the United States to rising sea levels

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