Donald Trump Notifies UN of Paris Exit While Keeping Option to Return

The U.S. will continue to attend international climate negotiations despite intention to withdraw from Paris.

The State Department notified the United Nations that the U.S. intends to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, following President Trump’s announcement in June. The climate agreement, which aims to keep global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius, has been ratified by 158 countries. According to the accord, the earliest the U.S. can formally remove itself is in November 2020.

Despite the administration’s intention to exit, the U.S. will continue to take part in international climate negotiations, including COP23 – the upcoming UN meeting on climate change. According to the administration, the U.S. wishes to participate in order to protect its interests and “ensure all future policy options remain open to the administration.” The note also reiterates that the U.S. is open to re-engaging with the Agreement if it identifies more “favorable” terms, though those terms are unclear.

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