Despite Trump, Seattle City Council vows to uphold Paris Agreement on climate change

Seattle commits to “meet or exceed” the goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement, introducing new initiatives to cut back on the city’s emissions, from The Seattle Times:

The Seattle City Council announced that the city will continue to honor its commitment to the Paris Agreement of 2015 and develop new environmental standards and policies to help cut emissions, reports Paige Gross for The Seattle Times. After President Trump withdrew the United States from the landmark deal, Seattle joined L.A., Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh as cities continuing to uphold their Paris commitments.

After the President’s decision, the Seattle City Council, especially the sustainability and transportation committee, began to implement ways to reduce Seattle’s carbon dioxide emissions. The Council hopes to introduce incentives that will make electric cars more popular, increase the accessibility of Seattle’s downtown to bikes and walkers, and to reduce expenses in downtown residential buildings. With these changes, Seattle hopes to become a leading city in fighting climate change.

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