Climate Change

COP23 Event: Exploring the Role of Universities in Achieving the Paris Agreement

This event will explore the roles of universities in addressing climate change and the sustainable development goals.

Although the challenge of climate change is universal, the ability to effectively mitigate climate change and cope with its effects is not. Many of the world’s developing countries have seriously limited capacities to respond to climate change. Article 11 of the Paris Agreement calls for enhanced capacity building to ensure that all countries have the necessary skills and knowledge to implement their nationally determined contributions (NDCs), enhance the ambition of their commitments in coming years, and comply with monitoring and reporting requirements.

Universities are centers of learning and innovation that can play a critical role in helping countries address the challenges of climate change. Many researchers, educators, and students are already deeply involved in producing, communicating, and learning climate knowledge and skills. Identifying and publicizing effective university programs, networking across institutions, countries and disciplines, designing new research programs, and expanding access to educational resources that will allow the creation of more resilient societies and ecosystems.

Join the discussion

Date: November 16, 2017 (11.30am to 1.00pm CET)

Location: Bonn Zone, Meeting Room 10

Organizers: ICCCAD, Emory University, CU-Boulder and MBBI.


  • Dr. Saleemul Huq, ICCCAD, Independent University Bangladesh
  • Dr. Eri Saikawa, Emory University
  • Dr. Lars Ribbe, TH Koln
  • Dr. Marilyn Averill, University of Colorado- Boulder
  • Dr. J. Timmons Robert, Brown University


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