Climate Talks: ‘Save Us’ from Global Warming, U.S. Urged

At COP22, the Prime Minister of Fiji, which will host the next international climate conference, appealed to the U.S. to "save" the Pacific Islands from growing climate change, BBC News reports.

As the COP22 climate conference came to an end in Marrakech, Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama looked to the future, urging the U.S. and the American people to act quickly to “help save us now.”

As Matt McGrath reports for BBC News, the president of the host country of the next climate conference appealed to America in stark terms:

“We in the Pacific, in common with the whole world, look to America for the leadership and engagement and assistance on climate change just as we looked to America in the dark days of World War Two.

“I say to the American people, you came to save us then, and it is time for you to help save us now.”

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