Christiana Figueres: Action on Climate Change Is ‘Unstoppable,’ Despite Brexit

"Climate change action is by now unstoppable. It is global."

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres assuaged fears of a slowdown on climate action following UK voters’ decision to leave the European Union (EU) during a press conference in London.

When asked whether last week’s Brexit vote would be an obstacle to the UK’s efforts to tackle climate change, Figueres responded, “”No. Climate change action is by now unstoppable. It is global.”

Figueres acknowledged that re-evaluations will have to happen in the UK if Article 50, which details what happens when a member leaves the group, is delivered, but re-emphasized that such a move would not derail action to tackle climate change, adding that “what is going on is actually much bigger than what we are seeing right now”.

Figueres recognized that the Brexit vote will cause “quite a bit of volatility and uncertainty for at least about two years” as the UK and the EU make adjustments to trade policies and the INDC climate action plan submitted by the European Union as their contribution to the Paris Agreement. Still, there’s no need to “upset the apple cart” on climate action, Figueres urged.

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