An entire region of China just ran on 100% renewable energy for 7 days

The Chinese province of Qinghai produced 1.1 billion kWh of energy using only solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, reports Business Insider:

As many countries, states, and cities around the world reaffirm their commitment to uphold the environmental standards agreed to in Paris in 2015, one Chinese province has gone 100% renewable, reports Leanna Garfield forĀ Business Insider. The region, Texas-sized Qinghai province in central China, usually gets 82% of its power from renewable energy, but for one week this month it ran on exclusively renewable energy. Most of the region’s renewable energy comes from hydroelectric dams, but solar and wind provide a significant portion as well.

The trial served as a test for the rest of China, proving that a region can rely on renewable energy for extended periods of time. This was China’s first foray into 100% renewable power, but other regions around the world have achieved entirely renewable energy before. Costa Rica went 285 days on 100% renewable energy in 2015. But the test sends the message that the world’s commitment to renewable energy is achievable, and many cities and countries are sure to follow.

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