Aid, Trade and Friendship: Will Brexit Hurt The World’s Most Needy?

As the shock of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union sent world stock markets tumbling and triggered global concern, some began to calculate the toll it might take on the world’s most needy.

Would aid to the world’s developing nations be impacted? Would there be an effect on trade deals and benefits? To what extent might Britain’s closest friends in emerging markets suddenly get short shrift? Or, might there actually be new opportunities for emerging economies?

“A lot depends on how Brexit happens,” said Owen Barder, vice president and director for Europe at the Washington-based Center for Global Development. “There are some very significant threats for developing nations and some opportunities too.

Image: Inside a food processing shop where women have more time for other projects thanks to time saved with the use of the Multi Functional Platform. Here the women show off the mango and sweet potato jam they have made which they will sell in their village (Bantantinti) and in the main town of Tambacounda. UN Photo.

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