About Last Week: Guterres’ Vision for the United Nations and Obama’s Global Development Legacy

Your weekly briefing on the state of the world and the United Nations.

While the United Nations may be one the of world’s most recognized institutions, its workings are not widely understood. For example, the fact that different parts of the UN are decentralized, that there are political entities that are separate from programmatic agencies, or how those arms work together, are not broadly known. The UN’s Security Council is separate from the UN Secretary General’s office, or a UN agency like the World Food Program. And yet, they all exist under the umbrella of one organization that works to peacefully address global issues in conjunction with 193 countries.

As we look toward the future, no one country, America included, is excluded from issues like access to clean water or rising income inequality. The United Nations offers a window to the world right from the U.S.’ backyard, and a platform to bring people with varying skill sets together to solve these problems.

This week, the U.S. Senate will hold a confirmation hearing for Governor Nikki Haley, the nominee for U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Global Daily’s got you covered with trusted, trending news on the future U.S.-UN relationship. Stay tuned.


There’s new insight on the UN’s strategic priorities over the next 10 years. Antonio Guterres writes his plan for tackling global issues in Newsweek: My Vision for Revitalizing the United Nations.

Polling found wide-spread American support for the United Nations88 Percent of Americans Support Active Engagement at the United Nations, in a new Better World Campaign poll detailed by Peter Yeo, President of the Better World Campaign and the Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy at the United Nations Foundation.

Obama one-ups the presidential Rough Rider on his environmental legacy. Obama’s ‘Historic’ Conservation Legacy Beats Teddy Roosevelt: U.S. President Barack Obama has placed more than 540 million acres of habitat under protection, more than any other president in American history, reports BBC News.


The clean energy economy has room to grow. The Irreversible Momentum of Clean Energy: In a piece for the journal Science, U.S. President Barack Obama writes that the economic opportunity for the United States to harness the clean energy economy trend will only grow in coming years.


The world has work to do. Jump in on discussions at Davos. Ordinary citizens and global development actors can take part in the #SDGLive discussions on solving the world’s biggest problems January 17-19 at the World Economic Forum.


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