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The Immunization ‘Innovations Of Tomorrow’ Are Here Today

"Smart" Vaccines and Drones? This is the future of global health.

By Dr. Orin Levine

Monday will mark the start of World Immunization Week, an annual campaign run by the World Health Organization and many partners to focus public attention on the importance of vaccination for all—particularly those who are consistently excluded.

This time last year, I shared a set of extraordinary new innovations that can improve and accelerate our ability to deliver vaccines to the world’s hardest-to-reach communities. As our ability to translate science into practical solutions grows, new technologies, and thinking more creatively about existing ones, are helping to give us ways to save even more lives through immunization. I’d like to share four more of them with you that have the promise to be game changers:

Vaccine Delivery…by Drone

Imagine you’re a healthcare worker in a developing country, responsible for ensuring there are enough medical supplies in your district. Villages are far apart, roads wash out during the rainy season, and it takes hours to get from point A to point B. How do you make sure you get fragile vaccines to the clinics right before they need them?


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