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Two Charts That Show How Renewable Energy Has Blown Away Expectations

The International Energy Agency will significantly raise its estimates for renewable installations in its annual report, reflecting growing climate action in countries around the world in the wake of the adoption of the Paris Agreement.

The world’s most prominent energy forecaster, the International Energy Agency (IEA), will “significantly” raise its estimates for renewable installations when it publishes its annual report at the end of the month, Jessica Shankleman reports for Bloomberg Business.

“The IEA has significantly raised its estimates for the deployment of renewables compared with previous years reflecting major changes in energy policies around the world, such as the adoption of the Paris Agreement,” Jad Mouawad, IEA spokesman, said via e-mail.

As Shankleman reports, “This year’s forecasts seek to reflect the growing number of countries adopting climate change policies, as well as the global deal to curb carbon emissions and global warming agreed in Paris in December.”

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