Climate Change

Saying ‘climate change’ instead of ‘global warming’ decreases partisan gap by 30 percent in U.S.

A study shows that Americans are more likely to believe that climate change is happening than global warming, but still a majority believe in both, reports Susan Kelley for

A new study suggests that the partisan divide might not be as large as was thought when it comes to climate change, reports Statistically, Republicans are less likely to believe that climate change is a real threat than Democrats, but a majority of both parties believe that it is real (74% and 94% respectively). But the study also shows that Republicans are less likely to believe that global warming is real than climate change, a difference of about 10%. The politicization of the terminology has been problematic in the past, but the study highlights the fact that a majority of Republicans continue to believe that both climate change and global warming are happening and should be addressed.

President Donald Trump has suggested that global warming is a farce, and references it on Twitter nearly three times as much as he does climate change. While there is a statistically significant difference between the number of Republicans who believe in climate change versus global warming, the divide is not as big as was expected. As shown by Mr. Trump’s Twitter, global warming is more of a partisan issue than climate change.

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