Climate Change

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Government Report on Climate Change. For Starters, It’s Real.

The latest draft of the U.S. National Climate Assessment presents key updates on sea level rise, extreme weather events, and more.

The latest draft of the U.S. National Climate Assessment finds that human-induced climate change is unquestionably real. These findings regarding mankind’s contributions are not new; however, they oppose what President Trump and members of his administration have previously asserted about climate change.

Beyond strong evidence of causation, the new assessment, which was prepared and reviewed by 13 government agencies, presents several important projections for climate impacts in the U.S. Alexandra Zavis and Raoul Ranoa of the Los Angeles Times outline some of the biggest takeaways if emissions are left unaddressed:

  • Septembers could become nearly ice-free in Arctic Ocean by the 2040s
  • Worst case scenarios protect sea-level rise of about 8 feet, assuming a rapid mass loss from the Antarctic ice sheet
  • Record warm daily temperatures are projected to become more frequent, which will negatively impact public health
  • Intensity and frequency of rain and snow events are projected to increase in most parts of the U.S.
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