Climate Change

Did that New York Magazine Climate Story Freak You Out? Good.

Why emotional narratives are as important to the climate change battle as numbers and statistics. A critical response from Vox:

The New York Magazine‘s recent climate change article cast a gloomy shadow over the battle against global warming, but Vox‘s David Roberts believes that perspective is incredibly important. The New York Magazine piece described the worst-case scenario of climate disaster, and many critics, activists and scholars alike, thought the nihilistic interpretation was overdone and unhelpful. But Mr. Roberts argues that it is necessary in the battle against climate change to appeal to people’s emotions. He worries that the potential threat of climate change will become diluted in the eyes of people reading only numbers and statistics about the issue. Despite the negative critiques of the NYMag article, Mr. Roberts believes it is an important piece in maintaining perspective in the struggle to avoid climate disaster.

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